Finally – a couple of live shows for the autumn

Us playing at the Greystones last time

We’re back! In the autumn we’ll be doing a couple of live shows to mark the end of an extended break.

The first is at the Gardeners Rest pub in Sheffield on Thursday 31 October. Our friend Pete Green is hosting one of the pub’s occasional Steel and Wire songwriters nights. We’ll be one of the performers playing a few songs and maybe talking about the inspiration for them.

We’re flattered to be asked to play and also looking forward to playing at a pub which is home to one of the best beer gardens in Sheffield – although given the time of year, the actual event is obviously in an upstairs room.

Update 13 September We’ve sadly had to pull out of the Gardeners Rest Steel and Wire songwriters night due to a mix up on our side over dates. The event is still happening – it is just that we won’t be playing at this one!

The following night, Friday 1 November, we’ll once again be supporting Ian Prowse as his tour arrives at the Greystones pub in Sheffield. The last couple of years there for this show have been really special nights so we’re looking forward to returning. Tickets are on sale now.  Here’s the Facebook event.

It’s been eighteen months since our last show, and although we’ve got together to practice a couple of times in that period, we’re glad to be playing together regularly again.

And there are no new songs (yet!) so you can be assured of hearing just old favourites at these upcoming shows.

Gardeners Rest beer garden
Gardeners Rest beer garden

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