‘A perfect pop album, intelligent lyrics, catchy tunes, three artists who share the same musical vision and who, when their voices come together, can brighten the darkest of days. It doesn’t seem like a big deal but Robberie, probably without even realising, have just produced a gem of an album. ‘


‘Beneath your city; as you dream has enough depth, feeling and nuance to deserve a far larger audience than any pub could possibly hold’


‘Very good album, lots of nice acoustic stuff, fantastic harmonies. They can sing, them’

Trust the Wizards

‘Lovely debut album from this Sheffield acoustic three piece, complete with one of the best football songs ever in Journeyman, travelling the lower leagues and being a cult hero, and Everyone’s A Geek complete with being in the bedroom with an Atari and thinking about old games. Lovely acoustics, and Seven Hills about their native Sheffield is wonderfully evocative too, complete with xylophone to bring that twinkly lights feeling. Gorgeous.’

Warren Pilkington, Zaw Towers

‘Excellent album…well worth checking out’

Jim Gellatly, Amazing Radio




Beneath your city; as you dream...
Beneath your city; as you dream…
  • Stereoworld SWCD002
  • Released 27 May 2016
  • CD and digital download
  1. Journeyman
  2. My story
  3. Everyone’s a geek
  4. Academical
  5. In the next town (same old radio)
  6. Tomorrow
  7. The t-shirt song
  8. The broad and narrow way
  9. This dancefloor needs me
  10. Seven hills
  11. Beneath your city; as you dream…




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