Introducing our debut album: Beneath your city; as you dream…

OK, so we never said our band would be a fast-moving project. In fact, we’ve just done some totting up and here are the essential stats you need to know. So after:


years rehearsing together…


years playing live…


years recording, mixing and mastering…


single releases…


night before our first Tramlines where we just about split up (but typically got cold feet and decided it was more hassle than it was worth)

…it is time to finally release our debut album!

Beneath your city; as you dream...
Beneath your city; as you dream… cover artwork

The album is called Beneath your city; as you dream… It has 11 songs on it, a mixture of old and new, and includes two singles.

It’s a pretty big deal for us and we’re very excited to be finally getting our songs out there. Here’s the tracklisting:

  1. Journeyman
  2. My story
  3. Everyone’s a geek
  4. Academical
  5. In the next town (same old radio)
  6. Tomorrow
  7. The t-shirt song
  8. The broad and narrow way
  9. This dancefloor needs me
  10. Seven hills
  11. Beneath your city; as you dream…

It’ll be released on Friday 27 May and you’ll be able to pre-order it online from Friday 22 April from BandcampiTunes, Amazon and Google Play.

Initially it’ll be available physically on CD, plus all the usual download/streaming services including Bandcamp, iTunes, Amazon and Spotify. We’d have loved to pressed it on vinyl too but worked out too expensive in the end.

The title of the record is taken from some words painted on a wall next to an exposed area of one of Sheffield’s rivers, the Porter Brook. Many of these rivers are diverted underground through tunnels and culverts as they get towards the city centre, but for some exposed stretches they can be seen snaking between buildings, as in this photo.

For those who know Sheffield, it is where Hickmott Road meets Eastwood Road. Sadly, someone has now removed the writing from the wall.

We’ll post all the pre-order links at the end of the week and will also be putting up a little video to give you a taster of all the songs.

And of course, we’ll be playing some live dates to support the release. The big launch night is on Thursday 26 May in Sheffield upstairs at The Red Deer pub, plus there is a London date on Thursday 2 June. More details on those nearer the time!


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