Open mic night at The Green Room

We’re hoping to finish off the year with a short performance at The Green Room open mic night in Sheffield on Monday 12 December.

The plan is to turn up, put our name down and play three songs using borrowed instruments. So it isn’t a full gig. There’ll be lots of other people playing. Who knows, if it is really busy, we may not even get on.

But if you fancy popping down – it is free entry – then we’ll see you there. We think the live music starts about 9pm.


2 thoughts on “Open mic night at The Green Room

  1. Ricardo says:

    I saw your set at The Green Room last night and was really impressed. You sounded so refreshing. It was a shame that sounds reminiscent of Belle and Sebastian and Aberfeldy were to be replaced by an unamusing rambling nincompoop! You should’ve played an ancore. 🙂

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