We’ve made a little demo CD thing for Indietracks

Between band practices over the last few of weeks we’ve been busy putting together a little something to sell at Indietracks festival.

It’s a demo CD containing the three home-recorded songs that are also available on this website. As well as a very nice little actual CD which looks and feels like a mini vinyl record, you get a home-printed inlay card and two Robberie badges.

We’ve made fifty CDs and they’ll be on sale for just £2 each, hopefully from the festival merchandise marquee and certainly from us after we’ve played (we’re on at 12.30pm on Sunday). If we have any left then you’ll also be able to get them at our other gigs this month.

If you’re going to Indietracks then see you there…please come and say hello!

Our demo CD, available at Indietracks
Our demo CD with badges, available at Indietracks

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