Last gig for a while at The Washington, Wednesday 8 August

Thanks to everyone who came out on Friday to see us support Haiku Salut and Golden Fable. It was our first time performing The Redhouse and we really enjoyed it, in particular playing to lots of new people (as well as some friendly faces too).

Next week is what will probably be our last gig for a couple of months at The Washington, again in Sheffield. It’s on Wednesday 8 August and we’ll be on around 9.30pm for about half an hour. It’s free, which means you can spend any money saved on one of those mini ploughman’s lunch bar snacks that they do. We’re on after Andrew Tregoning and before Polkadodge.

Over the weekend we started to put down some very rough home demos of three new songs. Hopefully we’ll be able to work them up into something performable over the next few weeks.

Facebook event for Polkadodge and Robberie at The Washington


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