Studio time…plus our first live date of 2013

Hello! We haven’t posted an update for a while, although that doesn’t mean we haven’t been keeping busy. Excitingly, the focus for 2013 so far has been on doing some recording in a proper recording studio.

None of us have had much experience in a studio before: we’ve recorded stuff at home in the past but putting stuff down in a real studio with a proper engineer/producer is all new. It was a bit of a learning curve for us and we haven’t finished yet but as soon as there is something to announce in terms of hearing/putting stuff out, we’ll let you know here.

We’ve also each been busy with other things so have had to say no to a couple of live shows that we really wanted to play, which is a shame. However, can can announce that we’re starting 2013 by picking up where left off in 2012 by playing at The Red Deer in Sheffield on 7 March. As usual it’s free so if you’re about then please pop down! We should be on 10.15pm-ish.

Nik and Val in the studio
Nik and Val in the studio

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