A little update on what we’ve been up to

Hello! Things have been a little quiet for Robberie recently. The main reason for this is that Robin has now become a dad! This has been proving to be a bit of a distraction – although the good news is that the little man already has all the necessary qualifications to be in the band (i.e. we like hanging out together), so we’ll no doubt try and involve him at the earliest possible opportunity.

What else has been happening? We did a spot of recording earlier on in the year at 2fly in Sheffield. We had a lot of fun and got a few songs recorded which we hope will see the light of day at some point.

We’ve also been writing and recording some demos at home. We’ll do our best to learn them so we can play a couple of new ones when we next play live. Speaking of which, it looks like we’ll once again be appearing at Tramlines festival in Sheffield in July which we’re looking forward to – we’ll let you know details as soon as they’re confirmed.

And there’s also potentially some quite exciting news in the pipeline for later in the year, so watch this space!

P.S. We’re all off to Indietracks festival in July. We’re not playing this year but we’ll see you there if you’re going!

Our first band practice in aaaages
Our first band practice in aaaages

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