Download this year’s Christmas offering – it’s for charity!

Last month we got an exciting message from our good friend Alex of August Actually fame. Alex explained that he and Tom (of Lardpony) had written a Band Aid-style Christmas song and wanted to know if we fancied sing a line in it. Of course we did!

The song is called A song is for life and not just for Christmas. It’s a lovely, sentimental number about Alex missing his old dog during the Christmas season.

The track (plus two b-sides if you want to download the full EP) is available to buy online for a mimimum donation of just £1. All the money from sales is going to Ashbourne Animal Welfare, a charity which runs a facility in Derbyshire that cares for and rehouses dogs and cats.

There are loads of wonderful other bands and singers on it. Our moment in the spotlight comes at about 3 minutes 40 seconds in:

You can buy the song here!


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