A good night at The Leadmill

Robberie at The Leadmill

Thank you to everyone who came down on Friday in time to see us at The Leadmill! Some gigs are more enjoyable than others and we can safely say that this was one of our favourites so far.

It was a definite novelty hanging out in our, erm, dressing rooms (!) with the other bands, Seven Tors, Pocket Satellite and Lomas, and enjoying the beer from the fridge.

Backstage at the LeadmillBy the time we went on there were plenty of people in. The songs we played were:

Four seasons
Everyone’s a geek
In the next town (same old radio)
The greatest song of all
Seven hills

It was about the biggest show we’ve done and we think it went well overall. Everyone’s a geek was unintentionally short but still went down well, as did the newer songs. The audience was very kind.

The good thing about being on first was that we could then relax and enjoy the other bands who were ace. Thanks so much to Seven Tors for asking us to be part of such a fun evening!

We’ll be announcing details of our next live show later this week. It’ll be a bit different to The Leadmill…


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