Droplifting copies of Seven hills in Sheffield

This weekend we’re planning something to help promote our new single in Sheffield.

We’ll be leaving seven copies of Seven Hills in seven special locations on or around the hills of the Sheffield in the hope that seven people will find them before it is officially unveiled at our launch night on Thursday.

We think this is a variation on the concept of ‘droplifting’, but who knows!

Keep an eye on our social media accounts for hints on which of our favourite cafes, pubs and parks we’ve chosen (clue: they will all be near a good view of the city!)

And if anyone tweets us or posts on our Facebook page to say that they’ve found one then we’ll let you know.

Seven hills on iTunes and more; Our Favourite Places pick for September

Meanwhile, as well as being for sale via our Bandcamp, we’ve had confirmation that digital copies of the new single will be available on lots of other music providers like iTunes, Spotify, Google Play, Shazam and more.

We were also thrilled to be included as one of the September music picks on the excellent Sheffield culture guide, Our Favourite Places.




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