More fun than me – watch the video

As promised, here’s a song of ours recorded at a small, unplugged gig last year at Nest cafe in Crosspool, Sheffield.

It’s a version of More fun than me, a new song about going on Facebook and feeling a bit rubbish because everyone else is having a much better time than you! We’re dedicating it to anyone who found Christmas hard this year, for whatever reason.

If you’re watching on a desktop computer then you should be able to read the words (they’re also pasted below.) Thanks Duncan for recording it.

More fun than me

I’m bored. There’s no-one to play my board games
I’m drinking. But being drunk’s less fun on your own
I’m got five hundred friends, but the one thing that I see
Is that you’re all having more fun than me

Dave’s sat with a beer in the sun, he must tell the world
Kim’s got a new hair cut, look at those curls
Lucy’s been running tonight, has a new PB
Sam mistakenly shared a link, it was pornogaphy

Mike’s arriving soon at St Pancras, who wants to meet?
Fiona’s plugging her blog again, please go and read
Ed’s saw a reality winner at the pub, look who you missed
And it turns out Angela from school’s a bit racist

I’m bored…

Adele got a bonus at work, yeah she’s in the money
Hashtag #lifeisgood, the weather’s sunny
Greg’s at a conference in Stoke, on a very niche topic
He’s posting regular updates, think I might have to block him

Jo keeps pushing her viral video, but it won’t take off
Ricky’s crushing candy, doesn’t know when to stop
Sid’s bringing down the government, one petition at a time
Kat’s put the baby to bed, now to open some wiiiiine

I’m bored…

Gather round, it’s selfie time
Welcome to my life, it’s great I think you’ll find
And this is our band – so if you don’t mind
Please get out your phone and follow us online…


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